'life lessons' i 'learned' maniacally playing 'tetris' (that i just as easily could have learned from playing sports in high school or reading more 'hipster runoff' articles probably)

‘success’ isn’t 'about' consistently ‘killing it’

or 'over-intellectualizing' the process
it’s 'about' ‘keeping your head in the game’

small victories are important
because if you ‘keep your head in the game’
(or focus on pattern recognition and allow your mind
to lucidly, subconsciously navigate the space [life])
then you will see and respond instinctively to opportunities

your response won’t always be the most efficient
(read, 'successful') one
but it can lead to a series of gratifying ‘combos’
or you may ‘take out’ a large number of goals

without ‘even realizing it’
or feeling the the urge to acknowledge it

eventually, you lose
it is inevitable
but you don’t even notice, really
if you 'keep your head in the game’


what does this even mean
i really dislike metaphors


Victoria Trott said...

go on with your bad self

Buttercup McGillicuddy said...

victoria, i missed you

i will keep on going on doing being my bad self

Romeo Solis said...

this is legit