blog post

i'm mostly bored at my parents house all day

i travel to boston, new york, pennsylvania, DC, baltimore semi-regularly

to distract from boredom

two dogs live at my house

gustav and wolfgang

they are named after composers

i have footage on my dad's terabyte harddrive that i plan on making into a feature-length movie about my dogs

featuring music by the composers they are named after

but i am currently preoccupied with literary things

making chapbooks, image macros, writing a novella, maintaining my twitter

a robin built a nest behind the basketball hoop on my parents' patio

my dogs keep trying to eat the chicks

this makes the mother robin angry

i want a summer-time girlfriend

but don't want to get a job

or move much really

thoughts re 'giving [a girl] oral sex'

i enjoy giving oral sex 80% of the time

my first girlfriend didn't taste very good, but besides her, the taste of every girl i've given oral sex to, i enjoyed

the first girl i ever gave oral sex orgasmed

i enjoy how girls who like oral sex react to it

i find the taste of a girl's clit fascinating

it seems to sting, like a small electric shock or metallic orb

the only instances where i actively dislike pubic hair is when it is difficult to breathe through while giving oral sex

i like when a girl gets really wet while receiving oral sex

i like when a girl puts her hand on my head during oral sex

i like the visual aspect of a girls legs raised and toes curling when she enjoys oral sex

i dislike when it is so wet that i can't discern what's going on anymore (when there is too much of both the girl's wetness and my spit)

i dislike when it takes 5+ minutes for the girl to orgasm, because my tongue/lips get tired

i had a girlfriend who would get wet just from seeing me move my tongue up and down

i disliked this because i felt self-conscious about the visual aspect of 'moving tongue up and down', but felt good that she responded so intensely to me

i consistently enjoy or am fascinated by the smells that happen during oral sex

i dislike when a girl is not responding to oral sex but pretends like she is (i usually assume that if i can't tell if she is enjoying it, that she isn't)

i like when, after a girl orgasms, she squeezes my head with her hands and thighs

i have watched a porn that was just an instructional video about how to perform effective oral sex (if the girl is responsive to it)

i have done it ~200 times with ~8 different girls

thank you for reading