'quirk theory'

stephen michael mcdowell
december 22, 2012

quirk |kwərk|
a peculiar behavioral habit : his distaste for travel is an endearing quirk.
 • a strange chance occurrence : a strange quirk of fate had led her to working for Nathan.
 • a sudden twist, turn, or curve : wry humor put a slight quirk in his mouth.
 Architecture an acute hollow between convex or other moldings.

seems valid, to me, to say ideas i've encountered that express intent to define 'the nature of concrete reality vs. the arbitrary use of abstract symbols to represent concrete reality' are very confusing because of the binary of both expressing the 'importance' of symbols and the conflicting 'arbitrariness' of symbolism

i have established a way of distinguishing types of ideas that i like and want to share:
  • nanoquirk: imperceptible/impalpable phenomenon as it is understood through scientific, deduced, or imagined conceptualization, i.e. higgs boson, gravity, electron, spirit
  • microquirk: rapidly fluctuating, malleable phenomenon that can be observed but can only be explained through compound nanoquirks, i.e. motion, electricity, vision, thought
  • macroquirk: visually perceptible phenomenon that is staggered in time for a duration long enough for the phenomenon to become a meme, i.e. pizza hut, language, beyoncé, couscous, hamster, christianity, marxism, arithmetic, quantum mechanics
(note: any and all ideas could, once perceived and given name-designation by an individual, be considered 'macroquirk' including the other name designations described here)
  • megaquirk: phenomenon or idea that is imperceptible/impalpable on the basis that its mimetic proliferation communicates it cannot be perceived outside of massive-scale/compound, assisted observation, i.e. celestial bodies, the universe, 'life', 'matter', 'humanity', causality
  • hyperquirk: extreme abstraction that may or may not be a phenomemon in concrete reality that consist of compounds of any of the previous 'quirks', i.e. existence, 'concrete reality', god, the multiverse
  • metaquirk: 'concrete reality' or an epiphany/expression/event associated with a perceived conceptual appropriation 'more-similar' to concrete reality than previous ideas seem to express, i.e. discovery, species differentiation, space travel, atom bomb, e=mc^2
the use of this type of 'quirk differentiation' could be considered an extreme simplification of the human experience that could allow individuals to determine if the idea they want to express has mimetic resonance on a sliding scale bound by subjective experience, without confirming or rejecting whether or not the idea is 'real' or 'fake'