i feel a distinct and inexplicable force, instructing me to be a domestic organism.

what happens when a person does arithmetic

where do bones go after a cremation

is 'hot shots' better than 'hot shots part deux'

i don't know what real people consist of

what is their make-up

i put on clothes that seem appropriate for the season i am in

if it is summer, i put on nothing

for the novelty of nudity

what is poetry

is it me saying things that make chronological sense

or is it me typing things that don't

where does 'the new year' happen

everywhere, or just america

paper seems like a sustainable resource

when will we run out of trees

this poem seems 'exponentially' longer than i intended it to be

paper seems organic and white, which is perplexing to me

i thought 'white things' where exclusive to the northern portion of humanity's migratory patterns

this poem has lost its intrigue

what happens when that happens

do i write more poem or look at something attractive

main theme: i wish i had a girlfriend

if i don't have sex by december thirty-first, i am going to commit suicide

where is your god tomorrow


Anonymous said...

dear shakespeare:

was your second-to-last line serious? please, dear sweet jesus, say yes.

Buttercup McGillicuddy said...

yes, i was serious