there are no words that accurately describe reality because reality does not allow itself to be accurately described and is not autonomous and therefore allows nothing and then this is how i feel about women.

i hate women

strictly on the basis that

they are 'swept' places

like off their feet

and into houses

and away from out-of-control assholes

as a prerequisite to mutual affection

otherwise they are completely fine

and make okay friends


Anonymous said...

please consider answering the following questions:

(1) in your opinion, what characteristics does a piece of writing have to possess in order for it to be considered a poem and not just, say, two vapid sentences where the return key was hit every three words?

(2) do you think what you write is poetry?

(3) when you're done writing something, do you look at the completed work and say to yourself: "this is the best writing i've ever done"? and if the answer to that is no, then why would "publish" it online; do you think you're talented to the point that it'd be a crime to not share your work; that your worst is better than most folks' best?

(4) i realize it'll be difficult for you to be objective here, but do you understand why people who slave over their writing would find yours to be terrible? that during the time it takes them to craft one sentence you will have started and completed 40 entire "poems"?


and happy xmas.

Buttercup McGillicuddy said...

1// a poem is a concise piece of writing that i consider 'a poem' as opposed to 'a sentence' or 'a clause' or 'some disjointed words' or 'extremely short prose,' based on my vague understanding of ‘english literature.’ a poem is anything that 'seems like a poem' to me, i think. i sometimes feel unsure about if something is a poem or a ‘combination poem and taco bell’

2// yes. some of the pieces of writing on this blog are 'poems'

3// when i complete a piece of writing, i look at it and ask 'is this actually how i feel,' and 'am i writing this from the voice of a fictional character that seems believable,' and 'does this convey what i imagined i wanted to convey when i began writing.' once i have answered these questions, or they all seem distinctly unanswerable, i edit the piece of writing, rapidly and accordingly, until i feel that i have no more questions. if upon rereading it, i chuckle at least once, feel capable of looking at the piece with ‘extreme sarcasm’ and feel that it isn’t 'completely fucking gay,' which is infrequent, i publish it

4// i 'slave over' much of my writing, but am not ‘ashamed' of what i write quickly, and have come to the 'conclusion' that no matter how much i 'slave over' anything, it will still ultimately seem meaningless to me, so i assess whether i enjoy reading a piece of my work, and if i do, i leave it on the blog. if i no longer enjoy it, i remove it. i can imagine both people who do and do not ‘slave over’ writing seeing my work as 'complete shit' and ‘fucking awesome,’ but i write and read work based on my personal levels of enjoyment, not 'public opinion' of it

Anonymous said...

i'll give you five bucks if you can name one person who thinks your writing is "fucking awesome."

of all the cronies you are, inarguably, the worst one.

and that's saying something. :- /

.239 said...

1. A poem can take on any form it wants. The length or duration of the poem does not dictate its quality at all, and the fact that you believe this tells me that you're idea of creative writing is as limited as my 5th grade english textbook.

2. The blatant insecurity your forcing upon us as readers and people who enjoy this blog is annoying, and reminds me of an old lady nagging someone in order to receive some sort of miniscule attention.

3."do you think youre talented to the point that it'd e a crime to not share your work; that your worst is better than most folks' best?" I'm not sure who your bitter at, but asking ridiculous passive aggressive questions like this will not assuage your pain. It's ok though.

4. The fact that you slave over one sentence for a long amount of time does not mean you're a better writer. In fact, it means that you probably suck.

Pwned. Happy St. Stephen's Day.

Anonymous said...

P.S. this is actually santa claus, and my gift for all is owning punk bitches


Anonymous said...

dearest .239:

"...the fact that you believe this tells me that you're idea..."

"The blatant insecurity your forcing upon us..."

i'm sorry, cupcake, but that's as far as i got through your response before my head started hurting. i'm sure the rest was grand, though, and put me in my place! :-)

and please point out to me where i wrote or even implied that a poem's length determines its quality. thanks. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey bro,
Just finished your novel and really thought it was 'fucking awesome.' Good work dude.
Now I'm going to go leave more positive comments, non-anonymously, on other blogs that I enjoy. I do this because I like to stand behind what I say, and because I enjoy being positive because I believe I am happier that way.

Lara said...

I also think this is 'fucking awesome'

I know I am biased. But I also think I am one of your biggest critics as I have often expressed to you in person and shrugged some of your work of as 'not my thing'

I really enjoyed this poem (and it IS A POEM) and I feel like you conveyed feelings well via making me chuckle and seeing the sarcasm.

I really liked the excerpt from Male, Black too. I will go back and reread the edited version.