how sex feels (via men [via buttercup mcgillicuddy]).

during foreplay, the softness of the body of the woman is arousing because of the masculine impulse to hold/grip parts of the woman’s body while thrusting, stimulating thoughts of, ‘i want to be thrusting.’

engaging both the upper and lower parts of the body during sex is challenging/seems funny/keeps the mind from ‘thinking about cumming,’ and also causes a pleasant reaction in the woman, resulting in masculine feelings of validation and attractiveness, therefore, use of the hands/thighs/mouth in attempts to stimulate the woman happens often during sex, though, stimulating the head of the cock is ‘the ultimate desire.’

any contact with the cock indirectly stimulates the head of the cock, which causes consistent feelings of ‘this is good, i want more of this.’ ‘in other words,’ ‘there is a strange cylinder protruding from my body, and if something soft touches the top of it, it feels interesting in a “euphoric”/”do that again” way.’

‘cumming’ and ‘having to cum’ are more so involuntary reactions to this stimulation than ‘goals actualized through sex,’ especially during the initial phases of sex, though cumming is idealized through the concepts of ‘cumming on face/titties/ass,’ and ‘cumming inside pussy/mouth/ass.’

these idealizations come from masculine concept of ‘conquering’ a woman, i.e. thoughts of ‘i want my cum inside of her pussy’ (via copulation), ‘i want my cum on her face’ (via degradation), and ‘i want my shiny juice on her pretty titties’ (via artistic expression). these thoughts help to stimulate ‘the urge’ to cum if the involuntary result of direct stimulation of the head of the cock seems ineffective and the sex is ‘taking too long’/feels exhausting/exasperating.

though a snug/well-lubricated pussy seems to prompt the act of cumming, the mid-sex epiphany of (and constant rumination that) ‘i’m having sex with a hot woman’ and/or 'i like her,' causes ‘a strong desire’ to cum on/in her, as opposed to there needing to be any definite type of stimulation of the head of the cock, thus cumming can occur during stimulation by any non-abrasive medium, i.e. hand, mouth, cleavage, etc, as long as the thought ‘i’m having sex with a hot woman’ occurs.

the psychological ‘build’ towards ‘cumming voluntarily’ is based in either feelings of ‘conquering’ or ‘liking’ the woman platonically. neither concept is mutually exclusive and can cause internal conflicts of ‘do i like her,’ ‘am i conquering her,’ and (vaguely) ‘is this good for my life goals.’

the desire to prompt the woman to orgasm, as well as a personal challenge to ‘last longer’ perpetuates the temporal length of sex, which causes masculine desires to find methods of preventing cumming involuntarily, and spurs the subsequent desire to cum efficiently, when prompted. achieving these ‘goals’ provides feelings that ‘i am making this woman feel that she is attractive and stimulating by cumming on/in her’ and ‘i have self control,’ the desire to cause these feelings manifests from a preceding desire to prevent feelings of inadequacy in either person.

loss of an erection rarely has to do with the physiological attractiveness of the woman, but mostly the individual’s bodily chemistry, i.e. hydration, fitness, overall self-esteem, etc. dehydration during sex makes cumming difficult for both people.

extreme forms of experimentation, s&m, and other fetish-based intercourse eludes my concept of ‘having fun sex.’

use of drugs to stimulate sex seems more circumstantial than a habitual practice, with the exception of alcohol, which seems to make focusing on the dichotomy of ‘stimulating the head of the cock while pleasuring the numerous “sensual areas” of the woman’ seem easier.

the impulse to have sex can be most heavily associated with ‘the inexplicable desire to have fun with (via the “this is good, i want more of this” feeling) and feel mutual attraction between (via thoughts of “i’m having sex with a hot woman" and/or "i like her") two people,’ though a plethora of other social contexts cause inherent complexity/emotional discomfort, in my opinion.

because of the extreme sensitivity of the head of the cock, the inside of the pussy can be felt extensively. it’s cavernous and complex, resulting in feelings of inadequacy if multiple forms of ‘the female orgasm’ aren’t achieved. the initial entry feels soft, due to fatty tissue, though can be mildly abrasive depending on the length of the pubes. lubrication accentuates this feeling of ‘softness,’ the top of the inside of the pussy seems heavily ribbed, while the bottom is lightly textured but mostly smooth. on the top, towards the back, there are two bulbous areas (i assume one of them is the g-spot, due to women’s reaction to stimulating it), and on the bottom, there seems to be a lot of room for flexibility/various ‘areas of extreme sensitivity.’ the inside of the human mouth is very similar in these respects, though, the epiphany that ‘i’m having sex with a hot woman’/'i like her,' and subsequently cumming, seem more difficult to achieve (for me) when not looking directly at the woman’s bodily response, facial expression, and the act of penetrating her pussy.


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Well done. Fairly accurate. Good exposition. I can agree with most of what is written here.

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