transcending the metaphorical concept of 'euphoria'.

happy about the future

unsure about my current understanding of reality

going to take a shot of whiskey

be right back,

haven't taken a shot yet

mario kart seems like a menial distraction

like it is a thing that makes you frustrated

so you are not frustrated by other things

my bro is on the phone

with a broad that seems overly concerned about his well-being

making nervous hand gestures

OK whiskey,

'fucking wow'

there are people who are capable of completely adequate social performance

and people who are incapable of adequate social performance

there are people who exhibit both properties based on what other people are in close vicinity to them at a given time

super smash brothers seems 'really fun'

wondering who discovered that zucchini is edible

feeling 'intensely euphoric' due to the effects of whiskey

incapable of walking properly

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