'from the land of pleasant living'.

increasingly concerned about the quality of this poem

trying to form a concrete image of 'helium' or 'hydrogen' in my mind

in a manner that isn't abstract or scientific

this process induced a 'salvia flashback'

feeling suicidal maybe

never mind

felt consistently drunk all day today without drinking

confused by this

seems having sex would make things better, i feel

momentarily thought i broke a blood vessel in my neck when yawning

i think 'feeling suicidal' implies 'fantasizing about killing oneself'

and i feel enormous and unnecessarily complex

and probably like i would like to stop existing

'and then some'

too bored to solicit anybody for sex

and convinced that seducing someone is inordinately less fun and less satisfying than not doing anything

just going to feel sad and alone today

someone text messaged me to say someone else is disappointed about something i did


having trouble keeping my eyes from closing

woke up this morning wrapped from shoulders to feet in duct tape

still unemployed; court in two days

i'm going to ignore that i feel sad and alone because those feelings seem really boring

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