kanye west poem.

i'm kanye west, the author-slash-poet

i'm completely aware of my high levels of ignorance and naivete, but feel unable to control them

or approach them calmly and ask them to go away

or ask that when they go, that they interview and hire a new version of their selves that has more interest in knowledge, and that has a world-worn, powerful, but serene, demeanor like jay-z or something

since i can’t do this i approach my high levels of ignorance and naivete with intense frustration and feel incapable of saying anything coherent to them

and since i do this i approach other people with low expectations and genuine interest in what they think of me, as well as high levels of nervousness

if what they think of me is what i want them to think of me, then i am happy

and a recent line of this poem was a self-aware hypothesis

ignoring that 'mind-reading' is 'impossible'

or that the concept of 'mind-reading' as i understand it is 'impossible'

or the abstract idea i attribute the action ‘mind-reading’ to, exists exclusively in my imagination and is therefore not represented in concrete reality except by people who claim to have ‘metaphysical' or 'supernatural' powers making it 'impossible'

i can't tell if people think of me what i want them to think

i feel unsure of what i want people to think of me

it seems that i want people to like me and for them to want to be around me and say positive things about my short stories and poems

this happens relatively frequently

i feel insecure about personal relationships regardless

i'm kanye west, the author-slash-poet-slash-visual artist

i'm very interested in having an extensive oeuvre of short stories, poems, and drawings that people associate with positive feelings

but i forget that people feel positive about my short stories, poems, and drawings during everyday life and neglect to reproduce them

or promote them anywhere

and so only my close friends see them

and sometimes i forget to show my close friends

and my short stories, poems, and drawings stay on my computer and my career becomes ‘malnourished’

my career is a malnourished baby cow

my career moves through space eating things that make it fat and bloated and disgusting

because my career was bred for the specific purpose of being sold to the american public in the form of non-organic meat products that only have to achieve relatively low FCC standards

my career looks healthy but is really just on a lot of drugs

and sustained primarily through consuming pop-culture information from the internet and not by producing short stories, poems, or drawings

my career seems fucked

i’m kanye west the author-slash-poet-slash-visual artist-slash-musician

i send my short stories, poems, drawings, and music to people suddenly and unsolicited

i forget that there are less-abrasive ways to show people things that i feel they might enjoy experiencing

and i send them three-thousand word short stories in emails

and i feel unafraid of being plagiarized or imitated

due to low-levels of self-esteem and positive feedback


Tao Lin said...


Anonymous said...

i think it might be 'sad' that you're just another tao lin 'copycat'. feel like it might be very easy to be pretentious. are you happy with this 'chosen persona' of yours?

Anonymous said...

if you think there's a demand for your work and that your writing will help people then i suggest you get off your ass and start promoting your art!

in fact, the only snag in this plan -- at least the only snag i can see in it -- is that you may very well be the worst writer. like ever. yeah. but if you can just get past that hurdle i'm sure great things await you!

good luck with your fame that's obviously a-comin'!


Anonymous said...

"and i feel unafraid of being plagiarized or imitated"

The (unintended) irony of this line brought a smile to my face and a laugh to my mouth/throat.