feeling powerful urges to hang-glide into something

into a cliff wall or large presidential face, maybe

unsure about the relevance of 'the internet'

inconclusive about how it got here

feeling powerful urges to squeeze an attractive woman with my arms

and for her to squeeze back

and try to break me in half

and maybe for me to be 'african american' in aesthetic

unsure if i can consciously promote africa

don't want to promote pirates or AIDS or apartheid or pharaohs or lemurs

or jungles or political assassinations or islam

feeling feelings of being angry, a little

like smiling is impossible and breaking large things at the expense of small children's emotions/well-being seems acceptable and inconsequential in the relatively short/meaningless existence of a large planet that produces a large magnetic field that surrounds a massive center of gravity that maintains extended cycles of life that will cease and be 'consumed by the sun' according to a film i saw recently

babies seem chill, though unstable structurally

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