gmail chat with carles (uneditted).

1:53 PM me: broooo

8 minutes
2:01 PM carles: bro
me: damn bro
2:02 PM how are you bro?
we haven't talked in a while
seems like it has been 'too many' blog years since we last talked
2:04 PM u probably heard but seems like every celebrity died this weekend
waiting to hear 'britney spears died 2' or something
2:05 PM damn
just realized ur a celebrity
don't die carles
it would be 'weird'

5 minutes
2:10 PM me: i was just thinking maybe u could do a post about all of the children's book-based movies coming out this year
seems like a lot of them
2:11 PM & for some reason they are all creepy
2:12 PM 'fantastic mr. fox' trailer will be out on wed/thurs
2:14 PM carles: damn
2:15 PM me: <3>
have a pretty big hard-on for wes anderson for some reason
can't remember why anymore