possible things to do with megan boyle (late january 2012)

found a google doc outlining 'possible things to do with megan boyle' from her january ~21, 2012 visit to baltimore (we ate pizza, drank whiskey, spun in 'the ovum', 'got ratchet', partied with friends, watched 'DEAD MIDGETS', then fell asleep sitting up, watching 'millenium'. some activities can be viewed via the below video):

possible things to do with megan boyle:

1. rock out making music, self-consciously committing to forming a non-committal band

2. go out for pizza and just enjoy ourselves while munching

3. set up ‘ultimate playlist ever’ and see if we can make random youtube music videos as an experiment

4. sit on couch, watch undesirable but 4-5 star rated movie

5. explore the interior of the copycat building and try to make new friends

6. go to a bar, start a ruckus as opposed to just trying to sleep with ppl/get drunk

7. based on her interests give her a freestyle selection of things she might be up to do then we arm wrestle/RPS until the winner provides ‘random activity’

8. clean the copycat as some sort of ‘re-branding’ initiative, invite her to organize things while i talk her head off

9. offer my infinite film accessibility and ask her what type of movies she likes, clean up a bit, and watch decided-on movie in some ‘new fashion’/form/setting

10. have intellectual discussion about ____________ and go from there

11. spy on roommates' conversations and compile them into a ‘night at the copycat’ short story collection

12. go play in what remains of the snow for 5 minutes at a time with 15 minute intervals


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che said...

bro bro

this is sweet, felt really nice reading it

can't remember if you showed this to me that night but seems like probably no

was that the night i thought everyone was going to kill me (via pot)?


we should do these things

good job cuppernutters

your friend,