is everything okay? does everything seem okay to you?

scientists recently discovered a previously unknown organ in humans

it is a second brain located near the aorta

that functions in near complete isolation

and does not communicate well with the primary brain

it is in charge of irrational fits of sadness and feelings of alienation

due to extended periods of anti-social behavior

if the heart beats too regularly for days at a time

the second brain releases chemicals that make everything seem okay

and then immediately and extremely not okay

inversely throughout the week

activity in this little brain is considered a psychological disorder

due to its effects

when two people isolate themselves for extended periods of time

the little brain remains dormant

and wonders why it does not feel alone

and there are strange periods of euphoria and feelings of objective existential security

the doctor who conducted the study said 'love someone, please'

'then there will be less psychological disorders everywhere and everything will, perhaps, actually be okay'

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