i was right this entire time.

everyone on earth

got laid last night

except for me

and i can feel

a distinct sense

of alienation, emanating

from my balls

those poor balls,

those poor balls

those poor balls;

i'm going to smash them with

the mechanical part

of a blender, i think

my poor, poor balls

they feel really bad,

and have missed you a lot

since the winter started

threatening everybody again,

with loneliness

and nights that are cold

so everyone forms up

and branches off into small groups

of two and four

against this awful winter

this is what happens

when humans don't nest properly

their balls freeze

and nipples arch

and all is right with the world


Barack ' Hussein' Obama Jr said...

i like ur poems so much bro

u have talent

i am a small child

thanks for reading my short story

i am a small child

Masande Ntshanga said...