the difference between feeling alienated and being alienated and boredom and depression and sleep and death.

i am a liquid

almost all of me is water

i change and am different after

short periods of time

you are similar

and similarly autonomous

i can't control your body

like how i control my body

but would like to

and would move you close to me

and you and i would turn away from each other

and only feel the radiation

of our bloodstreams creating heat

with rhythmic liquid movements

and currents would be produced

between our hair strands

and taste buds

and concrete thoughts would form

and feelings would arise

from the chemicals released

in the course of our attachment

to ourselves and our self's anguished lover

who would invariably be us

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that was fucking deep.

to heck with all the naysayers: you're a talented and very original writer.

now a question: did you write all the poems on your websites while you were in third or fourth grade?