cat allergy-induced paranoia vs insomnia-induced hallucination.

i feel cold and amorphous

like my bones are becoming soft serve ice cream or something


and paper cuts suck really bad

i suck on them, ‘hehe’

they don’t feel better when i do this

seems impossible to control how one reacts to pain without focusing on the source of that pain

unless the mind and body acclimate to it or something;

it becomes ‘normal’

or if an immediate goal supersedes it.

little bursts of pain are not meant to be ignored

that’s how the germs will defeat us.

i feel afraid of a potential massacre

dealt by bacteria assassins

preceded by the pan-human acquisition

of the ability to ignore tiny stabbings

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Anonymous said...

hi. when was the last time someone punched you in the face? i ask because i think you're due.