georgette and adam go to a party.

adam walked down the hallway with a serious facial expression. he adjusted his backpack over his right shoulder and ‘accelerated’ a little. he was confused and went down the wrong corridor then went down the right corridor and into the radio station lobby. there were eight people with neutral facial expressions including scotty and dan listening to scotty talk about ‘important-ish’ business things. dan made an enormous smile and high-fived adam. adam maintained a serious facial expression while moving through the massive collection of eight people with neutral facial expressions and into a booth. it was six-twelve pm. adam introduced ‘wraith pinned to the mist and other games’ by the band ‘of montreal’ calling it ‘their sell-out song,’ and played it and then the phone rang. it was an old-sounding person.

hi, said the old-sounding person, is this ebbie?

no it’s adam, said adam.

oh, said the old-sounding person, well i just called to say that the song you are playing played in a series of outback steakhouse commercials a couple years ago.

oh, said adam, really? damn.

sorry i thought this was ebbie, said the old-sounding person.

seems okay, said adam.

adam played other songs and talked into the microphone and said, this is w-m-v-c radio eighty-eight-point-three f-m, periodically, and read a public service announcement. at seven-thirty pm georgette called adam’s cell phone.

hey bro, said georgette.

sup bro, said adam.

i am going to be ten-to-twenty minutes late, bro, said georgette.

damn, said adam.

i ate some bad food when i had dinner with my mom and need to buy some pepto-bismol on my way to visit you, said georgette.

okay bro, i will probably leave the station at eight-‘o-five, said adam.

oh damn, you sure not eight-‘o-six, said georgette.

i might push it back another minute, said adam, for posterity, he said being funny.

okay, said georgette. then she laughed. then she said, later bro.

adam felt really good about georgette and felt like maybe he had a crush on her and like maybe he had had a crush on her for long time. since the first time i saw her in real life, perhaps, he thought. adam felt incandescently pleasant regarding georgette.

everything seemed pretty good.

everything did not seem pretty good when adam walked with georgette to a party at a house they could not find. there were grad students and a bitch there. the bitch poured a cup of water on james for saying the word bitch. james called the bitch a bitch after she poured water on him. the bitch made pie. the bitch took her friends into her room, and gave them facials. the party was over. georgette and adam and james went to james’s house with georgette driving the car. there was a pair of shades in the front seat of georgette's car with gum on them.

where did you get these shades, said adam.

i don’t know where they came from, said georgette, they have gum on them.

jesus, said adam, i was going to say that these shades are 'very georgette.'

yeah, said georgette.

james said something objectively funny. james anally retained some flatulence. things stayed okay.

georgette parked her car near james’s house. georgette got out of the car but kept the keys in the car to move the electric seat apparatus. james ignored the electric seat apparatus and did a somersault out of the car. georgette met ‘the bedfellows’. there was an indian person at james's house watching seinfeld. georgette, adam, ‘the bedfellows’ and the indian watched an episode of seinfeld. the indian showed georgette and adam some paintings and an ink drawing he made.

if i were going to write a review for this art, said adam, then i would say that you are the human that is the most in-touch with the human experience and the human concept of sensitivity that i have ever encountered.

the indian 'packed a bowl' of marijuana and he and adam 'smoked' it.

james went to bed. ‘the bedfellows’ all went to bed. adam and georgette smoked cigarettes outside and then left. georgette said she had a little bit of a crush on james. adam said james is an asshole and a 'wolf’ and felt really bad for saying that.

does that mean he is covered in fur, asked georgette.

does that mean he runs in packs, asked adam.

you mean he is a 'lady killer,' said georgette.

damn, yeah, said adam.

georgette gave adam a bag filled with butterscotch candy and he ate a lot of them.

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