assorted truths about things i've heard of.

feels like i am 'failing' at maintaining existential coherence

keep thinking 'when will the train get here' while sitting on my futon

flatulence was just released

pretty loudly

by me

i am the only one suffering

the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

going to make another bowl of cereal

going to create a religion for the plebes to follow

going to usurp a key terrorist leader and turn al qaeda into a babysitting club

i want to crush something microscopic

to prove that i am large and of great consequence

worried that the world could realistically end without my knowledge of it ending

this poem feels 'out of control' or something

trying to download a movie illegally

had to sort through which versions were better quality

decided on the shittiest one

out of respect for the novelty of what 'bootlegging' once was

water seems pretty important