i cannot use prepositions right.

prepositions are massive tetris pieces made of thick crystalline cubes

one cube face is sixty-four feet by sixty-four feet and is a specific color based on what kind of tetris piece it is a part of

massive tetris pieces are falling onto the moon and are landing arbitrarily in three-dimensional space and cannot be controlled by any electronic buttons

they are landing on their sides mostly because of physics

newtonian physics. not quantum physics

newtonian physics

there are no buttons that can be pressed to make these massive prepositional tetris pieces fall to the moon vertically or land in any direction and therefore this is not a game

this is right preposition use

i am standing on the moon and massive prepositional tetris pieces are causing an insane moon dust storm and there is nothing i can do

how do i use them?

how do i use these massive prepositions right?

this is impossible