'stupid' handwritten 2000 times.

seems like i wrote that title to be dramatic
and then realized that i felt very sarcastic about that title
then realized that 'auto-admonishment' was the initial impulse for writing that title
and that at some point i felt like i would be a happier person if i filled the space on this blog with what that title implied
but then i felt very comfortable with not having done something 'as stupid as writing "stupid" 2000 times'
and decided
that sleeping for the next 24 hours
seems like an 'infinitely sweeter' idea
i just thought 'i don't think that i will ever ever die' then 'chuckled'
my neighbor said today 'if i have to live in this fucking reality, then i want to know a little bit of what is happening'
i feel like i know 'absolutely nothing about "what is happening"'
sleep seems 'good'