an interview with ryan manning.

bmcg: what is your occupation (technically)?
rm: none

bmcg: what age do you feel?
rm: 35

bmcg: are there any stupid questions?
rm: no

bmcg: have you ever backed out of anything important, e.g. your mother's wedding, your own exorcism, a potentially lucrative bet?
rm: yes

bmcg: what is your favorite color?
rm: blue

bmcg: what street were you born on?
rm: Champlin Avenue

bmcg: what is the most personally nostalgic song that you can think of?
rm: The 5th Dimension - Up, Up and Away

bmcg: what is your favorite type of cloud?
rm: nacreous

bmcg: meerkat, tapir, or swamp leech? why?
rm: meerkat

bmcg: how are you?
rm: tired