what i did july 2012

- released 'habitat. summer of blood' at a roof party at mike bushnell's house in bed-stuy
- blacked out and didn't find out what happened until it was already on the internet
- stayed ~1week at mike's with ana c., shaun gannon, peterbd, and will bechtold [+various]
- celebrated 'alienation day' and made 'the most coveted digital album known to exist'

- compiled photos from the past ~4 months into 'lit in the time of autism' photoset
- completed first draft of novella (forthcoming ~2013)
- saw 'moonrise kingdom'
- made out with girl on the white house 'ellipse' ~45min
- lied to parents about having sex with same girl
- met lucy k shaw on the internet, did an interview with her
- wrote a short story about my first gf titled 'xerox'

- talked a lot with natalie chin (this happens all months)
- made my first 'liteo'

today was the hottest day ever from Buttercup McGillicuddy on Vimeo.

- engaged in a series of 'sexts' that will eventually be published as a book

- went to richmond, virginia for the first time in my life, met walter davis
- got my first tattoo
- made 5x irl chapbooks and gave them away #rare
- made a song that is about a lot of ideas, emotions, people, titled 'sun'

- 'made it' via (what some perceive as) 'the pop serial clique-y lit oligarchy'
- got published in lucy k shaw's 'shabby doll house'

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