andrew moreno

life feels increasingly temporary

i’m moving through space

waiting to decay or something

contemplating syntax

and impossibly large celestial movements

i’m waiting to meet the person who will ruin my current relationship

i’m waiting for emails to arrive, refreshing gmail

i’m waiting for an onset of hunger and then the inevitable meal

i’m in a book store consciously refusing to read books

looking for books about nicaragua with the sole intention of not reading them

not finding them anyway

i’m surrounded by people using bluetooth technology inappropriately; anti-socially

planning to apply for a job, then look into space thinking ‘what’ repeatedly

i have some intention of doing this

i am looking at your reflection and you avert your eyes

you don’t want to look at me, my imperfections

my destructive handwriting

when contemplating cute animals my mind swims a little

from a lake into a river composed of serotonin

and dopamine-infused pebble formations

this is normal this is okay

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DJ Berndt said...

this is normal this is okay