another poem about girls.

all the girls i liked between sixth and eleventh grades

are engaged to men who enlisted in the military

all the girls i used to date

prefer being with meatheads to being with me

exercises engaged in in order to increase knowledge

ultimately stunt knowledge

by taking the place of experience

experiences engaged in without wisdom or foresight

create infinite opportunities for failure

if there are goals involved in those experiences

the majority of the women i interacted with today

smelled like they were menstruating

tomorrow the moon will be full

the day after that it will not be

i felt afraid of a lot of things last week that seem uninteresting to me today

i keep scratching my head and dandruff keeps sprinkling out

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poopygirl said...

When was this posted?

What about your idea of girls now?

Do you still think about those exes that are with military men?

What do you think about when you think about them?