it's really hard to believe some of the shit you say.

half of what comes from my mouth

sounds distinctly like what retarded humans say

it seems i vomit out-of-control, poorly crafted clauses and exclamations


and in my own voice, no less

if i'm going to do this on a regular basis

i at least want to sound like 'an actual retard'

i'm curious what bagels a-la-mode taste like

probably really shitty

they may be really good; we'll find out together won't we

i want hot fudge on mine

apologizing incessantly pisses people off

light-years of one shitty apology preceding subsequently shittier apologies

i'm unsure what this phenomenon is;

sorry that your apologies are shitty and piss people off

your incessant apologizing makes you an asshole

an asshole that shits insecurity,

making me an hemorrhoid

trapped in your never-ending, apologetic rectum

otherwise you make me feel really good

like when you hold me close to you and whisper 'i like you'

and things like that

do you want to go out for bagels and ice cream?

or maybe coffee with chocolate:

a double venti hot mocha

will get me into the mood

to hold you and make love

all day and forever, i think

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