i will patent my brain and it will be mine and i will sell my cerebral cortex to NASA for a million dollars.

you are a snail
i am concurrently expressing and not expressing truths to you
partial truths mostly
you are still a snail
do you understand this?
can you react to what i am saying to you now?
what can i express that isn't terrifying and unimaginably enormous?
and only somewhat visible?

i am having the feeling of expressing a complex emotion
to a snail that is myself
and since you are a snail also you should understand
the gravity of what i am trying to say
we are snails
and i am deeply disturbed by you
and we can never be together
because of the syntax of this poem

this poem is enormous to you
but it is nothing to me
i am inside of my shell
wondering what the grass will taste like today
there is a caribou behind you
it is trying to say hello
why are you ignoring it?
it is trying to be courteous
it is being remarkably uncharacteristic
as far as caribou social habits are concerned
i hate you

i am going to revise this poem twelve times
and you will ask me what it is about
and i will say it is enormous and inconsequential
and you will swallow the moon whole
and i will get angry at you for doing this
because i was going to go swimming at high tide
but you have fucked everything
everything is fucked by you

where is your shell?
did you give it away to someone?
someone i don't know?
what is the chemical make up of a remote control?
what is the cultural relevance of a tumor
growing inside of a hair follicle?
the sky is blue today
but it will be mauve later
but you will not see this happen
because you will be fucking it with your eyes closed