gmail chat with tao lin (uneditted).

11:50 PM me: read your last tweet. i think it's 'the descendents' brotao: bro
fuck11:51 PM me: i could be wrong though
11:52 PM tao: deleted it
me: damn
tao: sup
me: 'chillin'
trying to paint on the computer
11:53 PM but i think my processor is too slow
'fucking blows'
tao: layin on my bed
me: you're not writing bro?
i thought you were a 'famous writer'
tao: tryin
11:54 PM to
me: damn
tao: damn]
me: i think i will 'try' to write something to later maybe
11:55 PM bro
one of my blog's contributors left the blog
11:56 PM tao: is tumblr 'fucking' down
me: seems okay, but also like everything is falling apart
11:57 PM tao: damn
hearing descendants songs i never heard before
me: trying to download 'somery'
don't know if i 'get' punk
might have been born to late or something
11:58 PM it isn't downloading
12:00 AM bro
how did you 'invent' your 'voice'?
tao: bro
me: is that something you 'disclose'?
tao: damn, maybe not
me: seems pretty ubiquitous now
seems like you did something 'effectively'
12:01 AM damn
did you hear bro?
tao: damn what
me: i hate to break it to you
michael jackson is supposedly dead
tao: dmn
me: 'can't fucking believe it' or something
12:02 AM tao: seems ok
me: i guess
i guess i kind of expected it to happen in 15-30 maybe 50 years from now
12:07 AM tao: damn
12:10 AM tao: sweet
12:13 AM me: passion pit seems pretty relevant bro
tao: dam
12:14 AM me: and the dirty projectors are considered a 'buzz band' to some degree
haven't listened to them though
12:18 AM tao: scratching my penis
me: damn
'successfully' or 'unsuccessfully'?
12:19 AM seems like i 'unsuccessfully' do that a lot
tao: damn
didn't think of it like that
12:21 AM me: i wish that i had a girlfriend bro
girlfriends seem good
tao: glad i have a gf
me: damn
12:22 AM i feel like 'the only bro in the world without a girlfriend' right now
seems like there isn't much demand or something
how did you get a girlfriend bro?
12:23 AM tao: through my career
me: damn
i need a 'career' too
also seems unavailable but for other reasons
12:24 AM 'unattainable' rather
tao: jus gotta 'keep goin'
might masturbate soon
me: seems good
12:25 AM seems like i would too, but i think my grandmother is in my house
tao: lock your door bro
me: don't have a door
'totally fucked'
hope she leaves soon
i need to restart my computer bro
goodnight bro
12:26 AM tao: night